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We can provide your next large scale project with updated PVCu sliding sash windows. Window Projects focuses on residential, commercial, and public projects in London, home counties, East Anglia, Essex and Kent. Contact us via the online form so that we can help you with vertical sliding windows today.

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Sliding Sash Windows in London & Home Counties

Sliding sash windows are a more cost effective option when looking at larger builds compared to original timber. Unlike the vertical sliding windows of the past, with new and improved PVCu, your windows can maintain energy efficiency.

Originally sliding sash windows used weights and pulleys. Now, that has been replaced by spring and spiral balances for greater ease and increased security. Today, with more durable, longer lasting materials, your options can be efficient and cost effective.





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Features & Benefits

Cost Effective

Sliding sash windows can offer competitive prices while retaining premium materials. Especially if you’re looking to keep your project on budget.

Newer Materials

PVCu is less likely to warp, stain, or mould than traditional wooden frames. End users will have lower maintenance and less upkeep down the line.

Established Company

With over 40 years of experience, Window Projects can bring your project from infancy to completion. Plus, we offer ten year guarantee on sliding sash windows.

Lower Lead Times

Because of our deep rooted relationships, we have lower lead times between orders, meaning we can keep your London or Essex project on schedule.


Our FENSA approval is important for major refurbishments, & our Certass certification is important for property owners looking to meet building codes.

Premium Suppliers

We’re the biggest customer of Glazerite, one of the largest fabricators of VEKA sliding sash windows. We can respond to high demand quickly.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us using our online contact form or via phone. We’ll be able to give you a quote and walk you through our sash window installation process for your London or home counties scheme. We can easily send someone to survey your site for project managers further afield in the home counties, Kent or East Anglia.

Bespoke Products

Sliding sash windows are an excellent replacement for timber frames in historic structures. Renovate warped frames with newer sliding sash windows.

Between residential and public builds, we have hands on experience to bring your plans to fruition. With our established ties to premium suppliers, you can confirm that you’re getting the best sliding sash windows available. Your project needs a guiding hand, and our experienced fitters can work quickly and effectively to bring projects in on time.

You can control the look and style of your next residential or commercial scheme. VEKA products come with the option of fully welded or mechanical joints to mirror classic handcrafted joinery. Choose one of three different sash horn styles, from heritage to more modern styles. VEKA also allows for Georgian bars and deep base rails.

The low cost of installation makes the sliding sash window a preferred choice for large projects. Install sliding sash windows in your next townhouse in London or the home counties. And with Window Projects 10 year guarantee, you’ll undoubtedly get your money’s worth.

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Accessories & Add Ons

To maintain heritage styles, VEKA products come with traditional wood finishes in Cream or Brilliant White. Or, for a more modern finish, Chartwell Green or Deep Red.

Window Projects always offers triple glazing to improve the energy efficiency of your next build. With increased energy bills, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to end users. We use double glazing as our base standard. But you can make sure that you are offering the best available, with improved glazing. Try our triple glazing options to reduce your U-value to as low as 1.1 W/m2K.

Every sliding sash window comes with secure key locking handles. We offer extra security measures, including toughened glass. Enquire about our Secured by Design and PAS 24 products to ensure safety to end users. With PAS 24, you are guaranteed that your product has gone through multiple tests against hard and soft impacts, hinge manipulation, cutting, and nail bars.

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Sliding sash windows are slightly less efficient than modern casement windows, especially those made with aluminium. However, newer sliding sash windows with PVCu and improved glazing will inevitably be more energy efficient than older casement windows with single glazing in rotted or warped wooden frames.

We have worked with schools, hospitals, and offices in London and the surrounding home counties. We’ve worked with developers on commercial and residential new builds everywhere from the home counties to Kent and East Anglia.

Window Projects uses double glazing as standard practice. You can always upgrade to triple glazing for improved energy efficiency, with a U-value as low as 1.1 W/m2K. With a 32 mm triple glazed unit, your WER rating can be as high as A+.

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